Trucking Benefits in California

The career of a truck driver can be very rewarding to those who put forth the effort to become a great trucker. CDL California believes TDA Driver’s CDL training program will give you the skills and knowledge necessary for you to reach your goals. Because the transportation industry plays such a large role in business (nearly 70% of the economy needs to be transported), trucking companies are always in need of qualified truck drivers that they can trust, and are willing to reward those drivers with great benefits.

  • Job Security
    Truck driving would not be considered a career without job security, which is why we think of job security as the most important benefit to being a truck driver. In order to secure a job in the trucking industry, you need to be a safe, reliable and effective driver, skills that are learned through our preferred school’s CDL training program.
  •  Salary, Bonuses & Benefits
    California truckers have notably higher salaries than those in other states, and with reliable and safe driving experience, you are usually guaranteed pay raises. Bonuses are also handed out to the safe drivers, and for special load or long distance driving.There are also many benefits offered to truck drivers, which include: health insurance (including life, medical, dental and vision), disability, paid vacations, stock purchase and retirement.
  •  Flexibility
    A trucking career offers high flexibility when it comes to your schedule. Drivers can decide on the type and distance of their hauls, as well as the ability to trade hours between truckers to leave important time open for whatever you please.

If you are looking to reap the benefits of being a truck driver, enroll in TDA Driver’s CDL training programs of California. Their comprehensive curriculum will teach you the skills needed to succeed as a truck driver. Drop by one of their campuses in Sacramento, Yuba City or Modesto, or call us at 1-800-TRUCKER (1-800-878-2537) and get started on your California truck driver training.