Financing for Trucking School

California has always been famed as a tourist destination that attracts many kinds of travelers—families who visit Disneyland, the beach lovers who flock to Big Sur, and the skiing enthusiasts who visit the San Bernardino and Sierra Nevada slopes. Lately, California has been attracting many men and women who want to pursue a truck driving life here.

There are of course, many reasons why—the average salaries of truck drivers here are about 10 percent higher than anywhere else in the United States, and there are ample job opportunities in the state. So, all the truck driving aspirant needs to do is enroll at any one of our preferred school, TDA Drivers, schools spread all over the state, take a truck driver training program, and get going for a promising truck driving career. And when it comes to options for trucker financing, California-based TDA Drivers schools has plenty to choose from.

For instance, they have quite a few private trucker financing programs to help you fund your way through their Heavy Truck Training and Over the Road Driver Finishing programs. If you qualify for their training programs, you can also obtain sponsorship through other options of trucker financing. California programs like those sanctioned by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, and the Workforce Investment Act are some of your choices. There are funding options for displaced workers and veterans, who want to go in for truck driver training, within the EDD Funding and Veterans Benefits programs.

Many OTR companies have Company Tuition Reimbursement Plans. Among other options of trucker financing, California students can opt for special military funding programs like Drive the Guard, Workers Compensation, and the PIC and WIA grants.

If you want to know more about trucker financing, California-based truck driving schools, spread all over the state, can prove to be some of the best resources. At CDL California, we have stocked up on information about various external trucker financing options, so all you need to do is drop by any of our preferred school’s campuses—in San Jose, Fremont, the Bay Area, Sunnyvale, and other places—or call us at 1-800-TRUCKER (1-800-878-2537) to know about these.