Trucking Benefits in Modesto California

There are many attractions in Modesto, including the shopping destination of Vintage Faire Mall, the fast action at the Big League Dreams Fields and the Rainbow Fields, the tasty almond-tasting sessions at the Blue Diamond Almonds Factory and the natural beauty of Yosemite National Park. Add to these, the employment prospects of this region in California and you will understand why many people come to settle here.

Truck driving is widely believed to be one of the most rewarding professions in Modesto. According to the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles, the number of men and women applying for a commercial driver’s license (CDL), mandatory to drive a truck, has increased many times in recent years. So it is obvious that the trucking benefits in Modesto are plenty.

Of all the trucking benefits, Modesto drivers agree, the employee packages are the most attractive. Drivers who have graduated from our school, TDA Drivers, earn about 10 percent more on an average than drivers in other parts of the United States. For example, a driver who holds a CDL and drives only within the state boundaries can earn great pay while those who drive across state boundaries can earn even more. Truckers with more experience and additional endorsements of course, make more.

Trucking benefits, Modesto drivers say, are not only restricted to the great pay. They extend to the many perks and bonuses that drivers can hope to earn when they are employed by a company. For instance, drivers who have graduated from our school receive perks like life and medical insurance and bonuses when they transport a specific cargo or have completed a certain number of years in service.

There are also other attractive trucking benefits. Modesto employers allow drivers to choose the hours of their operation and also their time-off periods between shifts. This allows the drivers to spend more time with their families and thus increases the lure of the job.

These trucking benefits, Modesto truck drivers say, are only if you hold a CDL. And to prepare thoroughly for the CDL test and increase your chances of getting the license, visit our Modesto campus and enroll in our Heavy Truck Training and Over the Road Driver Finishing programs. You can drop by any of our campuses in the region—Elk Grove, Lodi, Turlock, or others—or call us at 1-800-TRUCKER  (1-800-878-2537) to know more.

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