Truck Driving in Lake Tahoe California

Visitors to the Lake Tahoe region in California are attracted by the many beautiful locations here—the Emerald Bay State Park, the Sand Harbor, and the Eagle Falls Trail. Throughout the years, there have been many who have decided to settle in this part of California and have gone on to discover the added attractions of a truck driving life. Lake Tahoe truckers are rewarded by a host of trucking benefits and the drastic increase in the demand for trained and certified truck drivers has meant that a truck driving life in Lake Tahoe has got more attractive.

Great pay is probably the most rewarding aspect of a truck driving life in Lake Tahoe. Truck drivers in Lake Tahoe get to earn more than drivers in other regions of the United States. A truck driver holding a commercial driver’s license (CDL) can earn great pay if he drives within the state boundaries and a lot more if he drives inter-state vehicles. Experienced drivers earn much more as do truck drivers with additional endorsements.

The lure of a truck driving life, Lake Tahoe drivers agree, also lie in the many perks and bonuses that employers regularly and readily dish out to the truck drivers in their service. These include medical and life insurance coverage, coverage for prescription drugs, and bonus payments for employees who have been serving for a long term.

The adventure and the excitement of being out in the open and getting to visit new lands and meet new people, is of course, one of those benefits of a truck driving life in Lake Tahoe that have drawn many a thrill-seeker from other states to this part of California.

The attractions of a truck driving life, Lake Tahoe truckers say, are reserved only for those who hold a CDL. So, to prepare for the CDL test, enroll in our Heavy Truck Training and Over the Road Driver Finishing programs and take our CDL practice test. You can learn about these programs in any of the TDA Drivers campuses in and around the Lake Tahoe region, like Sacramento and Stockton or call us at 1-800-TRUCKER  (1-800-878-2537).

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