The Best Trucking School in California

At CDL California, we are dedicated to providing you with the most accurate information regarding how to advance your trucking career. That is why, we had embarked on our search of the best trucking school in California. The best trucking school in California should not only excel in terms of its curriculum but also provide ample benefits to its students in order to ease their way on a successful career. So, here’s how we tested the various schools in California based on the following parameters:

• Training Program: The curriculum in a truck driver training school should not only be formulated along the lines of the CDL test but also include components that will help truckers sustain themselves when on the road, like financial management skills and how to maintain a log. In short, we were looking for a trucking school in California that provided a comprehensive curriculum that not only prepared the students for the CDL test but also equipped them with the knowledge and skills necessary to take on the challenges of a job. We found that TDA Drivers fit the bill.

• Job Assistance: We concentrated our search and looked for a trucking school in California that provided dedicated trucker placement services. The trucking industry is extremely competitive and it is indeed quite difficult to find a foothold if you do not get the information about a job opening at the right time. TDA Drives scores on this count as well. This trucking school in California has a dedicated Job Developer on board whose business it is to collect information about truck driver job vacancies for the students. What is more, the reputation of TDA Drivers alone brings in prospective employers to its campuses looking for fresh talent.

• Trucker Financing: A trucking school in California that has its own financing program is always a welcome choice for trucking aspirants. TDA Drivers also has comprehensive information about external trucker financing like those provided by various state and federal government agencies. These financing programs for deserving and qualified candidates ensure that their dreams of a lucrative trucking career can be fulfilled.

We conducted a careful study of many truck driver training schools in California based on the above parameters and our verdict—TDA Drivers is head and shoulders above the rest. To learn more about the best trucking school in California, call us at 1-800-878-2537.

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