Trucking Companies in Sacramento

With the increase in demand for competent, trained, and certified truck drivers and the resultant spike in their wages and perks, it is only natural that scores of truck driving hopefuls in California with a commercial driver’s license (CDL) are dreaming of landing a great job in one of the many reputable trucking companies in Sacramento. Among the many trucking companies in Sacramento, some are obviously favored more than others, like the following.

Matheson Trucking Inc.

Matheson Trucking Inc. is probably the most well-known of all trucking companies in Sacramento. Headquartered in Sacramento, it is a diversified national transportation carrier offering specialized and reliable hauling, less-than-truckload freight delivery and time-sensitive material handling and transportation services. Serving the United States Postal Service since 1964, Matheson Trucking Inc. has a fleet of more than 2000 trailers and tractors.

NorCal Kenworth

NorCal Kenworth is one of the most well-known of all trucking companies in Sacramento. It is considered a leading heavy and medium duty truck dealership company in Northern California with full-service dealers in various locations like Anderson, Gilroy, and San Leandro. The company offers a range of services like short- and long-term truck rentals, full-service and finance lease, and contract maintenance.

Con-Way Freight

Con-Way Freight is another one of the more reputable trucking companies in Sacramento specializing in a range of services that include heavy truck hauling, inter-state shipment, and roadway trucking. It operates out of more than 80 locations in various parts of the United States, like Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Utah, Washington, and Idaho.

Henderson Trucking, LLC

One of the most sought-after of all trucking companies in Sacramento, Henderson Trucking, LLC is a specialized trucking, long distance and inter-state hauling and general freight delivery services.

Now that you know about the various reputable trucking companies in Sacramento and their ever-increasing demand for certified truck drivers and are sufficiently motivated, it is time to start preparing for your career. Enroll at TDA Drivers for their comprehensive truck driver training course that will not only prepare you for the CDL test but also for taking on the challenges of your job. Call us, CDL California, to know about the admission procedure at TDA Drivers. You can reach us at 1-800-878-2537.

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