How to Get Your Dream Trucking Job

If you have ever dreamed of driving the big rig for a racing team, or being a fire truck driver, or just getting to see the country while transporting goods, your first step to making those dreams reality is obtaining your commercial driver license (CDL), and the easiest way to do that is with a CDL training or truck driving school

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Taking the California CDL Driving Test

Truck driving is one of the most popular career choices today across all age groups. It is appealing because it provides a good wage and stability, without having to go to school for 4 or more years. People are taking to it also because truck drivers are still in demand even during an economic meltdown, which many of them have suffered from. Continue reading “Taking the California CDL Driving Test” »

CDL Driving Schools in California

Truck driving schools in California rank among the best in the country. The reason is not hard to find because California truck driving schools have an exceptional curriculum. This provides for intensive classroom instructions which train a truck driver to cope with all situations, apart from providing an insight into truck operation and maintenance which every truck driver should know. Additionally, truck driving schools in California offer an exceptional amount of hands-on driving experience so that a student brims with confidence when taking for the CDL test. Another feature is that driving schools in California put every student through a CDL license practice test before the actual event so they are able to judge their level of preparedness. Continue reading “CDL Driving Schools in California” »

California CDL Education

A commercial driver’s license (CDL) opens up a world of opportunity for you. But the test to earn a CDL license is rigorous which comprises a written test and a skill test in three parts. So if you plan to embark on a truck driving career you need the best CDL education you can get.

California is a state which does not require you to have any specific classroom or practical training to apply for a CDL license, but unless you have had some form of CDL education it is unlikely that you will pass the tests. Continue reading “California CDL Education” »

What You Need to Know About the CA CDL Test

Truck driving is a stable, good paying job which is why it is attracting more and more young people. Many prospective truck drivers look to California to begin their careers because there is so much opportunity , and it is one of the higher paying states for truck drivers.

To get started on your path to becoming a truck driver, you need to enroll in a quality truck driving school, and many prefer to join the TDA Drivers’ California truck driving school for their initial training because of their experience and superior level of instruction. Continue reading “What You Need to Know About the CA CDL Test” »

Featured Truck Driving School: TDA Drivers

Featured California Truck Driving School: TDA Drivers

At CDLCalifornia, we have an extensive screening process for find the best truck driving schools in California. We check the school’s curriculum, quality of instructors, financial aide assistance programs and job placement services to make sure you not only get the training necessary to get your CA commercial driver license (CDL), but also prepare yourself for a successful career in the truck driving industry. TDA Drivers, with 4 locations in California, is one of the best in the state, which is why we have chose them as our featured truck driving school in California. Continue reading “Featured Truck Driving School: TDA Drivers” »

CDL Certification

The California Commercial Vehicle Safety Program was passed into law with the intention of making our roadways safer. Based on the program, California has more stringent licensing and testing standards than other states for CDL Certification, which is the very basic for a truck driving career. Continue reading “CDL Certification” »

Interview Tips for Truckers

If you’ve been called for an interview for a truck driving job remember there are some things any employer would look for regardless of the truck driving job that the employer wants to fill in. Here are some priceless tips which should help you land you truck driving job: Continue reading “Interview Tips for Truckers” »

What Is PTDI Certification?

PTDI is an acronym for The Professional Truck Driver Institute, an organization committed to improving training standards for truck drivers and inculcating a focus on professionalism and safety in them.

For the last two and a half decades the PTDI has partnered with training schools for truck drivers, carriers, the insurance industry and the government with a view to making safety the trucking industry’s leading priority. This non-profit organization was the first of its kind to establish a PTDI certification to entry-level training courses and driver-finishing programs in the trucking and motor carrier industry. PTDI’s goal is to ensure that more quality drivers ply on American roads.

PTDI closely coordinates with schools and carriers right through the PTDI certification process to ensure that their programs are nationally recognized and meet the stringent standards.

PTDI certification is often confused with state licensing and accreditation but is quite different from it.

A truck driving school that has been awarded PTDI certification implies that it has been inspected and approved by an independent third party who considers it able to provide basic skills training to a truck driver at the entry level.

PTDI certification is not mandatory but is a distinct advantage to a truck driving school. It is an endorsement that the establishment is a school which maintains high training standards for truck drivers.

Schools benefit by obtaining PTDI certification because many employers and state agencies which fund student training look upon PTDI certification as a pre-funding requisite. They know that the training will be of a quality standard and the student will receive a fair amount of driving experience.

CDL California truck driving schools are all PTDI-certified which make them the preferred choice of students and most employers. Contact CDL California today at 1-800-878-2537 and have one of our representative’s guide you through the joining process. When you earn your CDL license through a CDL California School, you have that defining edge over others when it comes to getting a job.

Why Go To Truck Driving School?

It’s reasonable for you to ask why you should go to a California truck driving school. Truck driving school isn’t the most affordable option, so you should check into the idea before you go and spend your time and money. If you are planning a truck-driving career, a truck driving school is a great way to get started!

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