Fairfield California Truck Driver Requirements

There is an increased interest in Fairfield truck driver requirements, especially after the U.S. Department of Transportation announced that truck driving is one among the top 20 most rewarding professions in the country and that the demand for trained and certified truck drivers is going to increase immensely in the next few months. There is a lot of curiosity about truck driver requirements in Fairfield because professionals in this part of California earn about 10 percent more than their counterparts in the rest of the country.   

At TDA Drivers, have stocked up on the most critical information about Fairfield truck driver requirements. So, after you have taken the tour of the tourist must-sees of this region—the Jelly Belly Factory, the Travis Air Base Museum, the Rockville Hills Regional Park, and the Vezer Family Vineyard Tasting Room—come to our campus to familiarize yourself with the Fairfield truck driver requirements.

You need to possess a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to be able to drive a truck or a trailer in Fairfield. According to Fairfield truck driver requirements, an applicant must be a minimum of 18 years old to drive a commercial vehicle within the state and at least 21 years old to drive across state boundaries.

To obtain the CDL, an applicant must take and pass a written examination and practical test; the former to judge his knowledge of trucking laws and general road safety rules while the latter will test his driving skills and his knowledge of pre-trip inspection checklists.

According to the truck driver requirements, Fairfield drivers must obtain additional endorsements if they want to drive tanker trucks, trucks with air brakes, school buses, vehicles that can carry 16 passengers or more, trucks with double/triple trailers, and vehicles that carry hazardous materials. Drivers who want to apply for the HAZMAT endorsement must also go through a background screening procedure to be carried out by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA); it will consist of fingerprint checking.

So, if you live in Fairfield or in neighboring regions like Napa, Concord, and Richmond, visit any of our campuses or call us at 1-800-TRUCKER  (1-800-878-2537) to help us help you fulfill the Fairfield truck driver requirements.

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