Commercial Driver License (CDL) Fees in California

Commercial Driver License (CDL) Fees in California Thinking about getting a commercial drivers license in California? You’ll have to pay some money upfront for application and licensing fees. It’s a good idea to know what these fee amounts are before you stop by your local DMV to apply. This will save you any potential headache that could arise.

Commercial Driver License Class A or B Fees

The fees for both the Class A and Class B CDL licenses are the same. If you are getting a Class A or Class B license for the first time and don’t currently possess a California driver’s license, you’ll need to pay a $68 fee. If it’s just a renewal you’re after, the fee is $40. To take the skills test over again or get a replacement license, it’s $30 and to change your name on your license, it’ll cost you $26.

Commercial Driver License Class C Fees

If you’re after a Class C CDL license, you’ll need to pay $39 if you don’t already have a California driver’s license. To just make an upgrade to your license, remove an air brake restriction, add an endorsement, or add a motorcycle endorsement, you’ll need to pay $34. Renewing your license will cost you $39, a skills retest and getting a replacement card will cost $30 and a name change is $26.

All of this is important information to know before you go to your local DMV. For starters, you’ll know how much cash to bring, but you’ll also find out well in advance if you need financing to make this new career path happen. If you need further guidance, be sure to visit us at CDLCalfornia or call us at 1-800-TRUCKER. We’ll provide you with all the information you need to pursue truck driving as a career.

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