CDL Certification

The California Commercial Vehicle Safety Program was passed into law with the intention of making our roadways safer. Based on the program, California has more stringent licensing and testing standards than other states for CDL Certification, which is the very basic for a truck driving career.

Truck driving requires a professional attitude and demanding skills, which drivers have to demonstrate by earning CDL certification through a Commercial Driver License (CDL). Being awarded CDL certification is proof of your aptitude and professional skills.

One of the best places to be trained for CDL certification is at a CDL California truck driver school which operates in three locations –Yuba City, Modesto and Sacramento.

To obtain CDL certification and a license which empowers you to drive a commercial vehicle across state borders you need to be at least 21-years old; but to drive within California you can apply if you are 18-years and older.

If you need a HAZMAT endorsement which licenses you to transport hazardous materials, you need to be 21-years at least. After 2005, to be HAZMAT endorsed, you will also need to go through a security threat assessment.

Another requirement is to pass a vision exam which requires 20/40 visual acuity with glasses, if you use them. You will also need to complete a Medical Examination Report – DL51 which is part of the CDL certification process, and provides proof that you meet the required medical standards to operate a commercial vehicle.

A California truck driving school in any center has the required facilities and experience to prepare you for a CDL license. California truck driving schools provide you will all the theoretical instruction you require and then ensure that you have adequate practical training to earn your CDL certification.

If you want the best training, call CDL California at 1-800-878-2537 today, and ask about the truck driving school nearest to you.

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