What You Need to Know About California CDL Knowledge Tests

To be considered eligible to drive a commercial vehicle in California, a driver must pass the CDL (commercial driver’s license) test. The license examination consists of California CDL knowledge tests that evaluate an examinee’s expertise for the task. Knowing about the contents of California CDL knowledge tests, will help you prepare more thoroughly for the tests and increase your chances of getting the license.

All applicants must sit for the common California CDL knowledge tests that evaluate their knowledge about the nuances of driving in challenging road and weather conditions like fog, mountainous terrain, or snow; the basics of operating a commercial vehicle like skid control and shifting gears; the various pieces of equipment and machinery on a vehicle like anti-lock braking systems; and how to carry out various emergency procedures during an accident. Besides these, California CDL knowledge tests also assess an examinee’s ideas about how to drive safely at night, communicating effectively while driving, and how to stay alert when driving.

Apart from the above-mentioned topics, California CDL knowledge tests also assess examinees differently on the basis of the class of license they have applied for. For instance, those who have applied for license in class C will also be tested on their knowledge of operating passenger vehicles that carry more than 15 people. There are also separate California CDL knowledge tests for different endorsements—double/triple trailers, tank vehicles, passenger vehicles, vehicles that carry hazardous materials that require placarding as per the rules of the U.S. Department of Transportation, and school buses.

To ensure that you are well-prepared to tackle California CDL knowledge tests, you must get enrolled in a reputable truck driver training school that teaches a comprehensive curriculum. TDA Drivers is one of the most prestigious of all such schools in the region and we, at CDL California, have stocked up on all information about the courses and admission procedures at this school. Call us at 1-800-878-2537 to learn more.

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